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Morocco offers a diversified cuisine based on regional ingredients. Thousands of kilometres of coastline, fertile plains and mountains provide fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs of excellent quality and diversity. These are mirrored in the fantastic meals Moroccan chefs conjure up.

Even in the remotest Moroccan village the traveller will find a Tajine sizzling in a little restaurant by the side of the road. On festive occasions or in restaurants of class, refined meals are served. These are not only excellent in taste but the way they are presented is of the greatest importance. At lunchtime, delicious smells escape even the most modest houses when - slowly simmering - the warm meal of the day is being prepared.

A look at Morocco’s markets reveals the most colourful array of the country’s regional produce amongst which one also finds indispensable ingredients for Moroccan cuisine: pickled lemons, olives, spices and special spice mixtures such as Ras al Hanout , green tea and fresh mint leaves for the omnipresent mint tea.

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