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From Marrakech into the Mountains of the High Atlas

Start your Atlas journey by immersing yourself in the magic of the Orient, left present only in a few cities. Let yourself being seduced by Marrakech and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this city being based in the RIAD NOGA. Accommodated in the midst of the Medina of Marrakech, immerse yourself to your likings in the oriental hustle and bustle of the Souks and local markets, visit relics of the past, 1001-nights alike, and observe craftsmen producing traditional and contemporary handicraft.

Parting from Marrakech, the journey takes you first over the impressive Tichka Pass down south, already crossing villages - built in the traditional mud architecture, which seem to have nestled against the mountains since centuries. You will see Kasbahs in which times have come to a standstill, you will visit rural markets which will let you understand the rural Moroccan life, you will hike along paths and tracks where only nomads and herdsmen/shepherds, watching their cattle grazing the summer pastures, cross your way. You will get to know the paltry life in the Atlas Mountains, but also its friendly inhabitants by crossing their villages.

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